The workstation software of Wufeng LC-100 computer intelligent full-control liquid chromatograph is a Chinese operating software on the Chinese WINDOWS operating platform. Its biggest feature is the UV detector and high-pressure constant current pump for LC100 liquid chromatograph. The group (up to four units) provides full control operation and is intuitive and easy to operate. As long as it has a basic knowledge of WINDOWS, it can be used without learning. This is the software copyright registration certificate.

This sponge is designed for dishes washing and cleaning. It is useful for all kinds dishware and kitchenware. Our sponge is useful for removing the stubborn stains. It not only not damage your skin, but also kind to your hands. Choose our factory's production and have great result. We will provide high quality sponge and compitition price for you. 

Waves ShapeSilver Sponge

Dish Washing Sponge

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