To create a comfortable and beautiful home environment, the "facade" is very important. Although the room door does not have to be as strong as the entrance door, it also needs to be durable. There are many wooden doors of different brands, different styles, and different materials on the market, and consumers will be dazzled when facing so many choices. The editor of this article lists the top ten wooden door brands in the country. These brands are all popular wooden door brands in 2014. You can use them as a reference when buying wooden doors.

TATA wooden doors of the top ten wooden door brands in 2014

TATA Door Industry is a very young door industry group, but the latecomers come first. The solid wood doors produced by TATA door industry with high-end design level and extremely strict manufacturing process have won the recognition of the national consumers and won the 2013 National Top Ten The wooden door brand deserves its laurels.

The TATA Jianou series is the editor's favorite TATA wooden door series. Each design is very simple, but in the simplicity, you can feel the romantic and comfortable soul color given by the designer to the wooden door.

The beautiful wooden doors of the top ten wooden door brands in 2014

Meixin is well-known to domestic consumers for its commitment to users: "Quality assurance, safety and health." It adheres to simple and simple design supplemented by patterned details to provide consumers with high quality and high quality that they can afford. product. As a well-known trademark in China, it is striving for governance, and is working tirelessly to become the world's wooden door enterprise.

2014 National Top Ten Wooden Door Brand Dream Sky Wooden Door

Mengtian has been in the wood industry for more than 20 years. As an old-fashioned wood brand, it has always been "quality-based, effective marketing" means that Mengtian wooden doors can not stop while winning the market with high-quality products. Decent service to consumers.

2014 China's top ten wooden door brand Huahe wooden door

Huahe Door Industry is a branch business of Huahe Group, a leading large-scale comprehensive enterprise in the domestic furniture industry. The wooden door design of Huahe Group is one of its highlights. In conjunction with international excellent design masters, Huahe launched to domestic consumers The extremely high design and design standards are led by "Kaiser-European Classical" wooden doors, with many unique wooden door products.

In addition to the above four wooden door brands, the top ten wooden door brands in the country include Shuanghu, Bunny wooden doors, Panpan, European, Kaikai, Maosen and other brands.

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