For lovers who love the outdoors, Jackets are indispensable, especially for friends who have just started to contact the outdoors. Jackets often become their first outdoor product. However, when we buy the jackets, we often encounter two-story fabrics, three-layer fabrics, or even two-five-layer fabrics, leaving many friends confused. Through contact with many buyers during the two months of opening Taobao Store to sell outdoor products, it was found that this problem is very common. Many friends are not aware of this concept or confuse the concept. Some friends even have two The fleece (or other warmth layer) of the set (three in one) jacket is counted as a layer.

So I searched the internet for some definitions that I personally believed to be more accurate, made appropriate changes, posted to the space of my Taobao store for unclear friends to understand, and recently I saw someone in the jar who also asked about it, and posted it, such as If there is not enough accuracy, please correct me.

The first thing to do is to distinguish the "layer" of the number of jackets from the "layer" that usually wears several layers of clothing. The layers of the waterproof and breathable fabric of the jacket are compounded and cannot be seen with the eyes. There are several layers, whether it is a two-layer fabric, a three-layer fabric, or a 2.5-layer fabric, which should be regarded as a layer according to the concept of “layer” in wearing several layers of clothing because they are a whole.

1. Two-layered rubber-laminated fabrics – only a layer of waterproof and breathable layer under the outer fabric. When making clothing, it is usually necessary to add a layer of liner to protect the waterproof and breathable film layer. It is characterized by relatively soft fabrics and a wide range of applications. The majority of GORE-TEX's PERFORMANCE SHELL is two layers, and you will find that the clothing of this fabric usually has a lining inside. In addition to GORE-TEX, MHW's Conduit, Marmot's MemBrain, and TNF's Hyvent, which are basically two-layer adhesive fabrics, they are usually lined. The three-in-one jackets on the market are basically two-layer adhesives. Fabric. In addition, some of the current jackets have been lining-removed for lightweight purposes. This is the case with the Sierra Designs Hurricane HP Jackets that I sold out some time ago. One disadvantage of this is that the waterproof breathable membrane is not internally protected. However, its low price also completely made up for this minor drawback.

2, three-layer adhesive fabric - composite waterproof breathable layer under the outer fabric, and then a layer of lining, no need to add lining in the production of clothing. It is characterized by good durability and light weight after being made into a garment, but due to the technical difficulty of three-layer adhesives, it is usually more expensive than two- and two-and-a-half fabrics. For example, the SV, AR and LT series of Arc'teryx Jackets in my shop are PRO SHELL fabrics using GORE-TEX, which belongs to the three-layer adhesive.

3, two and a half layers of fabric - a typical GTX PACLITE fabric, under the outer fabric composite waterproof breathable layer, and then add a protective layer (not lining), when making clothing because there is no need to add a protective layer lining However, it is much lighter and softer than the three-layer adhesive fabric. The features are very light, thin and easy to carry. Arc'teryx's SL series are made of this fabric. In addition to GTX fabrics, Cyclone fabrics used in Sierra Plants Cyclone Trousers are also two and a half layers.

There are also some Jackets that use a variety of fabrics at the same time. For instance, Spectre Jacket from GoLite uses GORE-TEX PacLite and GORE-TEX Performance fabrics. The main body uses GORE-TEX PacLite to reduce weight, and wearable parts use GORE-TEX. Performance fabrics enhance abrasion resistance and are particularly suitable for hiking backpackers.

In general, mountaineering jackets will choose three layers of plastic fabrics, although wearing a hard, not so comfortable, but better wear resistance, more suitable for mountaineering. Trekking models are made of relatively soft two-layer fabrics that are used more widely.

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