The Olympics was originally a century-old battle for physical fitness and spirit. However, with the passage of time, the Olympics has transformed into a technological battle. In the major venues of the Olympic Games, large-screen display devices always show the audience the latest, most exciting and most memorable exciting information.

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Large screen application for indoor venues

The Water Cube has been copied, the bird's nest has been copied, and the large-screen equipment in the stadium is also inevitable. On the stage of sweating, the ultimate strength of power, the battle of the pinnacle of speed, how many surprises will the 2012 London Olympics venue bring us. In the application of indoor venues, large-screen display technology can meet thousands of people watching at the same angle, but it is only an effective display supplement.

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Olympic Bowl London

Due to the limited area of ​​indoor stadiums, they can only be classified according to their uses. Among them, swimming stadiums, ball stadiums and comprehensive large-scale gymnasiums are the most distinctive. A variety of large-screen technologies have been unveiled one after another, some of which are gorgeous and active in the atmosphere, and some rely on "silence is gold" to always touch our heartstrings.

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Technical comparison

These venues, according to the intensity of the competition, the atmosphere of the scene, the level of noise and other factors, the large-screen display devices they use are also unique, and can even be said to be different. This article briefly reviews the advantages and disadvantages of the five splicing solutions in terms of hardware, and at the same time shows you wonderful application cases in existing venues. The types of large-screen display devices can be roughly divided into 5 categories: LCD splicing, plasma splicing, LED splicing, OLED splicing and projection fusion splicing:

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4 × 4 LCD splicing

1. Outdoors, limited by the complexity of the site environment, low-cost, solid, long-life LED splicing has an advantage;

2. Indoors, several methods are available, but the differences are huge:

A, projection stitching has an absolute advantage in terms of display area. The format of a few hundred inches is just a number; but the relative cost is the highest and it is not easy to maintain.

B, LED splicing has a certain advantage in terms of low price, which is the most economical among the 5 types of technology; but the disadvantages of LED low pixels are difficult to effectively improve.

C. LCD splicing is the leader in screen resolution, and high-resolution panels are being popularized in high-end engineering splicing; however, the problems of delay and smear have always been lingering.

D. Plasma splicing has an advantage in response time. The unique technology determines that there will be no delay and smearing; however, the disadvantages of plasma screen burning have left a deep mark in the minds of many users.

E, OLED splicing, high resolution, power saving, modularity and many other advantages, but the cost is too high.

Edge fusion and equipment analysis

Edge Fusion Technology

3. In terms of seams, projection stitching can achieve 100% seamlessness through fusion. Both LED and OLED stitching technologies can achieve a seamless effect. The stitching gaps of LCD and plasma stitching cannot be avoided.

Since the organizers of the Olympics are considering a lot of factors, cost, duration, and maintenance will directly affect the final choice. In swimming competitions, every second counts, and time is the most exciting.

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swimming contest

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Water Cube Stadium Large Screen

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Due to the harsh environment and high humidity of swimming pools, most splicing schemes are not competent, so in reality, swimming pools adopt LED splicing schemes without exception.

The basketball game is exciting, and the moment of the game and the close-up of the characters always make everyone feel high.

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Basketball court

In theory, plasma and LED are good choices, and solid-state light source projection and rear projection splicing are also good solutions.

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Basketball court

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Large LED splicing application

The United States NBA is one of the most mature games. The home court of 30 teams is a model for newcomers to learn to imitate. Due to preconceived notions, LED basketball splices are used in basketball venues in various countries. Gymnastics competitions are mostly performed in comprehensive sports venues, and worrying competition points are the focus of everyone's attention.

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National Stadium

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The large screen display has the disadvantages of low resolution and strong graininess, but as a big brand that only displays points, LEDs are sufficient. In reality, LED splicing can already meet the needs of use.

to sum up:

1. The advantage of LED low price has won everyone's general recognition in the concept. In reality, most of the large screen solutions for indoor venues use LED splicing.

2. The development of new light source technology is relatively slow, which seriously restricts the development of four application solutions except LED splicing.

3. As time goes by and the cost decreases, the large-screen splicing will show a pattern of blooming flowers in the future.

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