According to the temperature test method in GB / T10592-2008 high and low temperature test chamber technical conditions standard, it contains 12 points, in this article we first understand four of them: 1, the location and number of test points: high and low temperature test chamber standard The developed temperature test method (upper) defines the upper, middle, and lower horizontal test planes in the laboratory chamber, referred to as upper, middle, and lower levels. The distance between the upper layer and the top surface of the working room is 1/10 of the height of the working room, the middle layer passes through the geometric center of the working room, and the lower layer is 10mm above the sample rack of the lowest layer. The test points are located on the three test planes, the central test point is located in the geometric center of the studio, and the distance from the remaining test points to the wall of the studio is 1/10 of their respective lengths. But for the test chamber with a volume of no more than 1m3 in your studio, the distance is not less than 50mm. 2. Test procedure: Select the highest nominal temperature and the lowest nominal temperature within the adjustable temperature range of the test chamber. Make the test chamber run according to the procedure of low temperature first and then high temperature. The temperature at the center point of the working space reaches the test temperature and stabilizes for 2 hours, and the temperature of all test points is tested once every 30 minutes for 30 minutes. 3. Wind speed test method This test is carried out under no-load and room temperature conditions. The number and location of test points are the same as the first point in the test procedure. Test procedure: 1. Hang fine cotton yarn or other light objects on the test point, close the door and turn on the fan to find the dominant wind direction of each test point. 2. Place the anemometer at the test point, and measure the wind speed at each test point after closing the door. Calculation and evaluation of test results: Correct the measured wind speed value according to the correction value of the anemometer. Calculate the average value of wind speed of all test points according to formula (8): V = (YA + VB + …… + VM) / n ……………… (8) where: V—— wind speed of test box, unit is meter Per second (m / s); VA ..., VM—the wind speed at the measuring point, in meters per second (m / s); n—the number of measuring points. The calculation results shall comply with the provisions in the test box performance items and indicators. 4. Insulation performance test method The temperature of the test chamber is stable at the highest working temperature point of 2h. Check the temperature of the outer wall of the test box with a surface thermometer, and observe the condition of the outer surface at a stable minimum working temperature for 2h.

Custom Eco Non Woven Bag is our company that is committed to providing clients with greener shopping bags in all parts of the world. We deal with a diverse range of clients that includes corporate as well as community organizations. They encourage their clients to buy eco-friendly Grocery Tote Bag in bulk. Although common business practices dictate that more discounts be offered on larger orders, Custom Eco Friendly Tote Shopper Bags goes out of its way to ensure that organizations can benefit from their highly subsidized wholesale rates.

What's non woven shopping bags?

The main material of Non-woven Bags is non-woven fabric. it is the direct use of polymer chips, staple fiber or filament fiber network formed by various methods and consolidation techniques to form a  new kind of fiber products planar structure  with soft, breathable .
How useful of non woven shopping bags?
Non Woven Bags (also know as non woven fabic bags),which have many features, such as eco-friendly,durable, attractive appearance, good ventilation,reusable and washable,can be screen printing advertising, logos, long term used, suitable for any company in any industry as advertising, gifts
the most important is that is reusable bags, which can make great contribution of our environment. 
How many types of the Non Woven Shopping Bag (Grocery Tote Bag)?
 1. Flat punching bags (die-cut bags)
 2. With bottom organ of punching bags
 3. Punching non-woven bags with bottom and side â’Š organ
 4. Mention handbags
 5. Bottomed organ mention handbags
 6. With bottom and side of the organ mention handbags
 7. Vest pocket 
 8. Vest bag with bottom and side of the organ
 9. Vest Reusable Bags with side organ.
 10. Pouch.
 11. Covered bags Fumo.
 12. Special shape of the green  Eco bags.

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