[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Women's dependence on the cloakroom is innate. With it, it is a sense of security. When the new house begins to be renovated, the cloakroom design cannot be taken lightly. The large-sized apartment has its own rules. If you want to sleep with your cloakroom, you can be satisfied.

Sleeping with the cloakroom

Wall-mounted cloakroom

For countless people with "princess disease", creating a cloakroom at home is a matter of course.

Generally, the ideal cloakroom area is more than 4 square meters. If the space is large enough, consider designing a separate room. If the space is not big enough, then simply sleep inside...

Large cloakroom

In order to improve space utilization, this small space was designed with this double bed that can be pushed freely.

Through the slide rails on the floor, the double bed can move freely without any difficulty, and can be pulled to the outside space when sleeping. In normal times, the double bed can be placed in the cloakroom to ensure the cleanliness of the overall environment.

Cloakroom in the large bedroom

Bedroom cloakroom design

If the space is relatively large, you can use a complete wall to create a locker . Compared with the stand-alone cloakroom, it is characterized by a small footprint and minimal engineering, which can be achieved with less capital. effect.

Small bedroom with built-in cloakroom

Wall-mounted cloakroom

If the size of the home is not large, it is advisable to use the wall and partition to form a separate concealed cloakroom. The sliding door is used as a partition between the bedroom and the dressing room, and the cloakroom is illuminated by lights.

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