â—† Project name: "Dorm room vibration wake-up alarm system" engineering case

â—† Project location: Taishang City Special Education Center

â—† Detailed information: In 2011, the newly built school building of the school was equipped with remote-controlled TJ-3 fire-fighting deaf students, blind students system equipment and the student call system of the duty room, and adopted automatic timing control to wake up daily.

Taizhou Special Education School

Taizhou Special Education School Building

TJ-3 deaf machine alarm

TJ-3 deaf machine alarm wake up

TJ-3 deaf machine alarm left

Underbed vibrator

Doorbell installation

1, FY-16A Flat face mask machine


Semi automatic flat mask production line adopts advanced design, only need to put the raw material on the feeding rack, after the completion of the modulating, the machine can realize automatic production. It only need one person to operate and fully realize the whole process of automatic production. The equipment also adopts ultrasonic welding, which is beautiful, sanitary, environmental friendly.The output is 150-200 pcs/min. The length of nose bridge bar can be adjusted. The product size error is ±1mm.


flat face mask machine

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