The ultraviolet aging test box is suitable for the aging test of non-metallic materials against sunlight and artificial light sources. This article briefly outlines the structural characteristics and control system of the UV aging box.

Box structure and characteristics of ultraviolet aging test box

1. The inner tank is made of imported high-grade stainless steel plate, and the outer tank is made of A3 steel plate, which increases the appearance and cleanliness.

2. The drainage system uses vortex and U-shaped sedimentation devices to facilitate the user's cleaning.

3. The heating method is inner tank water tank heating. The temperature rises quickly and the temperature distribution is even.

4. The box body is processed and formed by CNC machine tool, with beautiful and elegant shape, and the box cover is bidirectional flip type, which is easy to operate.

Control system of ultraviolet aging test box

1. The radiometer probe is fixed, so there is no need to load and unload each time.

2. The temperature sensor is connected with a black aluminum plate, and the heating is controlled by a blackboard temperature meter, and the temperature is more stable.

3. The independent control time of light and condensation and the time of alternating cycle control can be set arbitrarily within a thousand hours.

4. Illumination and condensation can be independently controlled and can be controlled alternately.

5. Radiation is not greater than 50W / m2.

6. The radiation amount adopts the special ultraviolet radiation meter with high precision display and measurement.

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