How important printing standardization is in our daily lives. The congratulatory speech specifically mentions that this is an important task for printing standardization and an important mission for standardization workers. Setting standards is to benefit people and society. "Residents of the Global Village enjoy a wide range of rights and assume corresponding obligations." Setting standards helps the public to enjoy rights and fulfill their obligations.

In recent years, the Printing Standards Committee has actively established a service platform for leading enterprises in the domestic and international standards preparation and revision work through mechanism innovation, and has successively established five "printing standardization test and promotion bases". The standardization test base is the product of the market economy and fully embodies the guiding ideology of printing standardization work "oriented to enterprises, industries, and markets", "serving enterprises, serving industries, and serving markets". This important move opened a new chapter in printing standardization.

At the same time, as a P-member to participate in the review and voting of draft international printing standards, and participate in the formulation of international standards, for example, to undertake the task of formulating the "Chinese part of the international multilingual printing technical terminology". Regarding the development of printing standards, since the establishment of the Printing Standards Committee, 50 national standards and industry standards have been completed, including 29 national standards and 21 industry standards. A series of international printing standards are adopted for equivalence and equivalence, and the adoption rate is about 28%. The established standards basically cover the requirements of pre-press, quality, raw materials and environmental protection, and play a positive role in improving the quality of printed products, standardizing technical processes and promoting quality management. It fills a large area of ​​standard gaps and eliminates the backward situation of non-standard production in the printing industry.

Composition of small businesses. For many years, it has followed the small workshop-style production model and lacked industrialized production management experience. This is one of the factors that the industry's standardization awareness is still not high. It is necessary for the industry to deeply understand that The status of standardization in the process of transition from a printing power to a printing power is calling on companies to consciously implement standardized production and management. All this requires a lot of arduous and meticulous work, and there is still a long way to go.

Increasing the promotion and implementation of standards and actively promoting the use of standards is one of the important tasks before printing standardization workers. After some standards are formulated, published and implemented, they cannot be applied for a long time. It was revised twice in 1987 and 1999. However, the format of books and magazines published in China is still not uniform. The format of journals and magazines on the market are mostly non-standard sizes (GB size is A4: 210x297mm, non-standard size: 210x285mm). Most publishing departments do not attach importance to the implementation of national format standards, and some departments do not even understand national standards. This phenomenon should be paid attention to by relevant departments and improved as soon as possible.

In addition, standardization and unified printing terminology are important basic national standards for standardization. They have been published and implemented for nearly 20 years, but confusion of terminology abuse still occurs frequently. Give a few typical examples, which seriously affect the exchange of information and technology. This issue should use standard and standardized terminology. It is the responsibility of cultural workers to maintain and purify the language environment.

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