(1) Operate strictly in accordance with the requirements of the fluorescence microscope factory manual, and do not change the program at will.

(2) The inspection should be carried out in a dark room. After entering the dark room, connect the power supply and ignite the ultra-high pressure mercury lamp for 5 to 15 minutes. After the light source emits strong light to stabilize, the eyes are fully adapted to the dark room, and then start observing the specimen.

(3) To prevent damage to eyes caused by ultraviolet rays, wear protective glasses when adjusting the light source.

(4) The inspection time is preferably 1 ~ 2h each time, more than 90min, the luminous intensity of the ultra-high pressure mercury lamp gradually decreases, and the fluorescence weakens; after the specimen is exposed to ultraviolet light for 3 ~ 5min, the fluorescence also significantly decreases; 3h.

(5) The life of fluorescent microscope light source is limited. Specimens should be inspected intensively to save time and protect the light source. When it is hot, the fan should be added to cool down, and the new lamp should be recorded from the beginning. When the lamp is extinguished and you want to use it again, you can only ignite it after the bulb has cooled down sufficiently. Avoid lighting the light source several times a day.

(6) Observe the specimen immediately after staining, and the fluorescence will gradually weaken over time. If the specimen is stored in a polyethylene plastic bag at 4 ° C, it can delay the fluorescence attenuation time and prevent the mounting agent from evaporating.

(7) Judgment standard of fluorescence brightness: generally divided into four levels, namely "one"-no or visible weak fluorescence. "" —Only visible fluorescence is visible. ""-Visible bright fluorescence. ""-Dazzling fluorescence is visible.

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