An expert from the City Chemical Research Institute told the reporter that beverage bottles are mostly made of PET material. It is a polymer material and is widely used in a variety of food packaging. These materials are non-toxic and odorless at low temperatures and are safe for humans. However, once polyethylene is exposed to high temperatures or exposure, it will slowly dissolve and release an organic solvent that is harmful to human health. No matter what plastic bottle products, various additives such as light stabilizers and smoothing agents should be added during the production process. These chemical components are toxic to the human body. If plastic bottles are used for a long time to contain rice, noodles, drinking water, oil, alcohol, etc., it is easy to dissolve the harmful substances inside and bring them into the human body. In addition, repeated use of mineral water bottles or beverage bottles, health indicators can not reach, bacteria may multiply in plastic bottles. Therefore, it is recommended to use plastic bottles made of glass, stainless steel, etc. to pack foods that will be safer.
The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important. Resources and energy are becoming more and more tense. Building a recycling economy and society, and taking the road of sustainable development have become the global focus and urgent task, and have become guidelines for the development of various industries and human activities. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, in addition to the requirements for increasing the packaging quality and quantity in the market, plastic bottle packaging materials must be developed to save resources, save energy, be easy to recycle after use, easy to dispose of, or be easy to use. Degradation of stunners is the starting point for technological development. New materials, new processes, new technologies, and new products for plastic bottles are constantly emerging, and they are being used for high performance, multi-functionality, active adoption of new energy, new technologies, broadening their application, and packaging of plastic bottles. With the development of environmental protection and coordinated development, high-impervious plastic packaging materials have been rapidly developed and widely used due to the functions of shelf life, freshness preservation, flavor protection, and shelf life extension, in addition to the currently widely used macro vinyl chloride (PYDC). , Ethylene, vinyl alcohol copolymers (EVOH), in recent years, the development of environmentally friendly materials to promote polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyethylene terephthalate (PEN), copolyamide (MXD6), silicon or The development of aluminum oxide vapor film (soft glass), nano-inorganic materials, etc. will be more noticeable.

Compared with the traditional material trolley case, the aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley case is more durable and durable, with anti-drop, scratch-resistant, waterproof and mildew proof. Compressive, quiet and other characteristics, some  trolleys can last for more than ten years, more suitable for frequent business travelers to select.

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