Because the current elderly home market is still very immature, many home furnishing companies are reluctant to develop related products because they are afraid of taking risks. In addition, compared with other household products, older household products have a longer development cycle and a slower profitability, which is one of the reasons why home furnishing companies are reluctant to get involved. So what do you need to buy furniture that is suitable for the elderly? The advice of the industry is that you can choose to customize, or let the designer design specifically for the needs of the elderly when decorating the house.

Custom furniture is the most practical

A furniture store owner who provides customized services told reporters that many consumers have recently come to the store to consult custom-made aged furniture. “The furniture used for the elderly generally does not pay much attention to the style, but emphasizes the function more. For example, the sofa (the sofa decoration renderings), except for the skeleton is the standard size, the rest such as the height of the sofa cushion and the armrest are said by the consumers. In the calculation, the seat cushion can be purchased by the consumer or customized to us. The thickness and hardness can also be specified by the consumer.” The owner said that a consumer recently customized a bed for the elderly. He not only requires the height of the bed to be suitable for the height of the elderly, but also requires the addition of a bed edge as a handrail for the elderly to get up. Custom furniture like this is very practical.

It is understood that most of the companies that are willing to accept customized business are small and medium-sized furniture enterprises, while large enterprises are reluctant to do so. They are more willing to make standardized products because such products can increase production speed. Doing custom products is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also expensive, otherwise it is difficult for older consumers to accept.

Comfortable environment begins with renovation

In order to create a comfortable and safe home environment for the elderly, it is necessary to carry out targeted design from the decoration stage.

In terms of color, the color of the room where the elderly live should be calm and elegant, and should not be too bright and bright. For example, the wall can be painted with colors such as milky white, milky yellow, and enamel, together with vibrant, dull furniture. In addition, you can choose natural wood color furniture, such as brown, camel, brown, pearl white, beige and so on. In short, as long as the contrast between the furniture and the wall color is not too strong, it can have a better visual effect.

In the home environment, the most vulnerable place for the elderly is the bathroom (bathroom renovation renderings), which needs to be designed according to the needs and characteristics of the elderly before the house is renovated. For example, choose a rounded wash product; the height of the bathroom cabinet (bathroom cabinet renderings) is designed to be 800 mm, which is 50 mm lower than the height of an ordinary bathroom cabinet, making it easier for the elderly to pick up and place items; And the handrail in the shower area is convenient for the elderly to sit down or stand up; leave as much space as possible under the basin to facilitate the inconvenience of the legs and feet or the elderly in the wheelchair; the door of the bathroom is best not to install a real lock to prevent the elderly from being Anti-locking. If necessary, an emergency call device can be installed in the bathroom to facilitate the elderly to seek help in an emergency.

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