Ambient temperature 10 ~ 36 ℃

Relative humidity 5% ~ 95%, no condensation

Working voltage AC100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz

Technical performance index

System configuration: i7 8-core CPU, 4G memory or more, Gigabit network interface, 1000G SATA hard disk, 8-screen high-brightness display, eight-channel high-definition digital hardware mixing stunt and mixer, hardware high-definition digital mixing, the highest encoding resolution 1920 × 1080, resolution can be adjusted arbitrarily, built-in broadcast digital hardware HD switcher, built-in hardware high-gain mixer, built-in audio and video hardware delay and emergency cut system, subtitle input keyboard, pure aluminum magnesium alloy portable all-in-one machine The hardware design and high-definition video encoder, high-definition streaming media encoder, professional real-time subtitle system, real-time virtual keying, recording, publishing, broadcast system;

Video editing and editing configuration Built-in eight-channel hardware digital HD mixed stunt station, video hardware digital high-definition upgrade, hardware mixed core 1920 × 1080 resolution, AV, VGA, HDMI, DVI, HD / SD-SDI simultaneous input and output, broadcast-grade HD Digital video editing card and high-definition streaming media editing card; recording and live video resolution is 1920 × 1080, resolution and bit rate are arbitrarily adjustable, video dual-track single-key hardware switching;

The encoder is equipped with an independent high-definition audio and video encoding and recording system, which can simultaneously record MPEG2, AVI standard DV, AVI-uncompressed, any resolution of AVI, which provides protection for high-quality audio and video data storage and post-editing; independent high Streaming media encoding, live broadcasting and recording systems (wmv and flv), simultaneous multi-input collection and multi-channel program broadcast; regular recording and sequencing broadcast, can simultaneously broadcast and publish wmv, flv two file formats, the recording file is wmv for convenience Network video data archive or VOD import, recording is divided into automatic recording and manual recording, and supports 7 × 24 hour automatic pre-made recording and sorting broadcast;

The encoder function independently provides the recording of various standard AVI, MPEG2 and other video files, and independently provides various streaming media file recording, live broadcasting and publishing. The resolution and code stream can be adjusted arbitrarily, and can be routed across network segments and across networks. WAN; support user rights setting management, online user information display, etc .; the client supports IE plug-in mode playback, supports media player and flash player; supports live distribution in the WAN, provides distributed forwarding function (including publishing system), provides WMS release system and FMS release system; complex network adaptation; provide free choice of unicast, multicast, hybrid and direct connection methods