When the cork and screw caps were at war with each other, the leading Italian packaging company, the Guala Group, quietly developed and put on the artificial stopper Guala Seal Elite.

Guala Seal Elite is an artificial synthetic cork with the appearance and texture of a traditional cork stopper. During the process of ripening the wine in the bottle, traditional cork stoppers may cause pollution, and this artificial cork can overcome this series of brewing old problems and thus reduce losses.

Guala Seal Elite finally landed in South Africa 6 months after its launch in the European market and was warmly welcomed by South African winemakers. Felice Felice, Head of Sales, South Africa, Guela Seal Elite

Fragola said that the market prospect of this synthetic cork in South Africa is very optimistic. Once people discover the benefits of such a cork, they will be used on a larger scale. This synthetic cork has been successfully developed by researchers for many years and it is indeed the most effective alternative to cork.

Guala Seal Elite consists of three components. The stopper base is made of high hardness techno-polymer; the plug body is made of foamed thermoplastic elastomer and can form a good bond with the glass; and the shroud at the bottom of the top of the stopper is also composed of techno-polymer. This is mainly due to its chemical inertness. The researchers conducted a detailed aging test on the cork, and the results showed that the cork performance was good. This production technology has been approved by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Unlike other synthetic stoppers, Guala Seal Elite allows trace amounts of oxygen to enter the bottle, which is now considered to play an important role in the long-term maturation of the wine. In addition, winemakers can adjust the permeability of the stopper according to their own needs. Guala Seal Elite can use conventional plugging equipment for plugging.

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