When printing with processing inks, the processing strength of the substrate needs to be 36 dynes / cm or more.

1. The processing strength of polyolefin film (1) The film is made of PE and PP. The surface is inactive and has poor adhesion to the ink. In order to improve their adhesion to ink, corona treatment should be performed on the film surface. Give it activity.
(2) Treatment strength of OPP and CPP â‘  Usually wetting tension index is used to find out the activity level of OPP and CPP film surface. This wetting tension drug solution has 30-56dyne / cm, used to detect the activity of the film surface.
â‘¡The treatment level of OPP and CPP corona treatment products.
The corona treatment intensity is generally set at about 40 dyne / cm. Although this treatment intensity can be exceeded, too high a treatment intensity will bring about some other defects.
OPP: Untreated is 30dyne / cm, after treatment is 38-42dyne / cm
CPP: untreated is 30dyne / cm, after treatment is 38-40dyne / cm
â‘¢The diameter of the corona treatment strength changes with time. After the corona treatment product is stored for a long time, its treatment strength will drop by itself. In high temperature and humid places, the attenuation of the treatment intensity is more obvious. Stored in a warehouse with good management conditions for 6 months, considering its attenuation of about 2-3dyne / cm.
(3) If the wetness index of the lowest treatment intensity level drops to 36 dyne / cm or less in the past, the adhesion of the ink becomes poor and printing cannot be performed. So 36dyne / cm is the lowest limit.

2. Corona treatment strength of PET and ONY (1) PET: Corona treatment was not used when PET film was just used in the packaging field. Later, it was proved that the corona-treated products can ensure the stable adhesion of the ink, so now the PET film for packaging is usually subjected to single-sided corona treatment. The untreated PET film can also reach 38-40 dyne / cm, and the processing intensity during treatment is generally set to about 48 dyne / cm. Especially when using water-based AC agents (polyvinylamines, polybutadienes), corona treatment is necessary.
(2) ONY: ONY has stronger adhesion than PET, but like PET film, the adhesion of ink is more stable after corona treatment. General-purpose products such as cooking bags that need to withstand harsh conditions are all corona treated. Untreated can reach 38-40 dyne / cm, and the processed product is set to about 40 dyne / cm.

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