Ceramic tiles are very popular among decorators for their smoothness, beauty and fashion. Mona Lisa ceramic tile is a large ceramic enterprise integrating design and development, professional production and marketing. The Mona Lisa enterprise has integrated the artist's attitude towards the work into the corporate culture, and turned it into a requirement for products. The designed products are both practical and artistic. Mona Lisa tiles have a very high market share, so many consumers will ask how are Mona Lisa tiles? In this article, we will introduce the brand strength and product advantages of Mona Lisa tiles, and of course the price list of Mona Lisa tiles that everyone is most concerned about.

How is the brand strength of Mona Lisa tiles

Mona Lisa ceramic tile is a brand of Guangdong Mona Lisa Ceramics Co., Ltd., and has won the titles of China's top ten ceramic tile brands, China's well-known trademarks, China's famous brands, Foshan ceramics top ten enterprises and so on. Now has 2 patents, 4 utility model patents, 80 design patents. Mona Lisa ceramic tiles specializes in the production of porcelain polished tiles, glazed interior wall tiles, antique tiles, art puzzle tiles and other series of main products, and is sold at home and abroad for its advantages of high grade, stable quality, many varieties and reasonable prices. Mona Lisa ceramic tile products are relatively high-end products. Generally, the price is generally more favorable when doing activities. The quality of the Mona Lisa ceramic tiles is very good. The company won the famous Chinese building ceramics brand because of its good user reputation and product quality. Honorary title. Some owners report that the tiles bought in more than ten years will still look as good as they are now.

What are the advantages of Mona Lisa tiles?

1. Green, healthy and environmentally friendly products-the raw materials used in all products have been rigorously screened to ensure that the radioactivity of each product has reached the highest level A of the national standard GB6566-2001, and won the China Green Building Sanitary Ceramics Recommendation Certificate, consumers can rest assured Optional.

Second, high gloss-the average gloss of the product can reach more than 70 degrees, of which the snowflake white product reaches 80 degrees, and the microcrystalline product reaches 90 degrees, which is 30-40 degrees higher than ordinary polished tiles, and has always been in a leading position.

3. Low water absorption rate, extremely strong anti-fouling ability and high strength-the water absorption rate of the products is close to 0, the water absorption rate of the crystallite is equal to zero, the inner mass is dense, the strength is high, and the anti-fouling ability is extremely strong. The smudge resistance of Yunying stone and microcrystalline stone reaches the highest level of 5, which is two levels higher than ordinary polished tiles.

Fourth, the size deviation is small-the product adopts strict and scientific quality management methods. The size deviation of 600 × 600, 800 × 800, 1000 × 1000, and 1200 × 1200 products is controlled within ± 0.5mm, which is easy to improve the efficiency of construction.

How about Mona Lisa tiles

5. High Mohs hardness and good wear resistance-the product is fired at high temperature, the degree of porcelainization is 30% to 40% higher than that of ordinary polished tiles, so the texture of the product is dense and hard, and the Mohs hardness is as high as 7, ready to use It is not easy for steel knives to scratch the surface of bricks.

Sixth, good corrosion resistance-put the product in 3% hydrochloric acid or in an alkaline solution containing 30 grams per liter will not be damaged by corrosion, reaching the highest national level UA level. For a long time in the average family, it is guaranteed to be as bright as new.

Seven, good anti-skid effect and anti-fouling effect-select excellent inorganic anti-fouling agent, inorganic anti-fouling agent will become astringent when it meets water, the more water, the less slippery; The inside of the brick body will not be easily worn away, which not only obtains a good anti-fouling effect, but also a good anti-skid effect. Ordinary polished tiles use organic antifouling agents, and the surface looks very bright, but organic antifouling agents are oily substances, which are very slippery when exposed to water. This kind of bricks will not slip until the surface antifouling agent is worn for one to two months. , But the surface antifouling agent is worn out and has lost its antifouling ability.

Mona Lisa tile prices

How about the price list of Mona Lisa tiles

Mona Lisa tile prices

Mona Lisa cloud shadow stone series DJ0042_Y1 waist line brick price ï¿¥ 68.0

Mona Lisa Yunying Stone Series DJ0035M Waistline Brick Price ï¿¥ 78.0

Mona Lisa Yunying Stone Series 12511Y2 / Y3 Waistline Brick Price ï¿¥ 48.0

Mona Lisa 3-15 D F2032 / 7-15TF2062 waist line brick price 28.0

Mona Lisa Yunying Stone Series DY100 Waistline Brick Price ï¿¥ 48.0

Mona Lisa cloud shadow stone series DJ0039 one Y1 waist line brick price 58.0

Mona Lisa Yunying Stone Series DY2005 Waistline Brick Price ï¿¥ 48.0

Mona Lisa Yunying Stone Series DJ2006 Waistline Brick Price ï¿¥ 48.0

Mona Lisa Yunying Stone Series D32003M Waistline Brick Price ï¿¥ 68.0

Mona Lisa interior wall polished brick OY2605A waist line brick price 165.0

Mona Lisa ceramic tile price

Mona Lisa tile prices

Mona Lisa tile price-Roman Tian Yun stone 6FMP1002PCM product specifications: 600 * 600mm price: 219.3 yuan / piece

Mona Lisa ceramic tile price─8FB0225 Product specification: 800 * 800mm Product price: 332.00 yuan / piece

Mona Lisa tile price-8FQP0501PM Product specifications: 800 * 800mm Product type: Polished brick Reference price: 1128 yuan / piece

Price of Mona Lisa tiles-Roman Travertine Product specifications: 800 × 800mm Product price: 228 yuan / piece

Mona Lisa tile price-Mattis series 6FD2016M product specifications: 600 * 600mm reference price: 88.7 yuan / piece

Price of Mona Lisa Polished Brick-Golden Stone 8FB0212PCM Product Specifications: 800 * 800mm Reference Price: 398 yuan / piece

Mona Lisa PP Sheet—Gold Diamond White Tile Product Specifications: 900 * 1800mm Reference Price: 513 yuan / flat

Mona Lisa Roman Spring 8FB0215PCM ceramic tile price product specifications 800 × 800mm reference price 398 yuan / block 620.88 yuan / square meter

Mona Lisa Polished Brick Lantian Jade 8WLP0005M Price Product Specification 800 * 800mm Reference Price 162 yuan / piece 253.13 yuan / flat

Mona Lisa Antique Brick Vesuvius Price Appearance Specification 600 × 600mm Tile Type Antique Brick Reference Price 70 yuan / block 194.44 yuan / square meter

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