Kohler Sanitary Ware has always been pursuing "the perfect combination of innovative design and excellent performance", so the products designed and manufactured are more "art than art" and have won many awards internationally.

1 Kohler bathroom toilet products

The world's leading Kohler bathroom toilet products, copy the five-star comfort to your home. Unparalleled fashion design, visual enjoyment from the inside out; Kohler bathroom toilet products use extraordinary five-level cyclone technology, allowing you to always enjoy environmental protection and cleanliness. Kohler bathroom toilet products bring you top-grade hotel-level enjoyment while contributing to protecting the earth's water resources.

2 Kohler bathroom toilet product technology

Kohler bathroom toilet products use an extraordinary five-level cyclone flushing system, with super-high flushing, water-saving performance, environmental protection and water saving in one step, providing consumers with perfect solutions in three aspects: sewage, cleaning, and water saving. Kohler Sanitary Ware's newly launched 4.2-liter five-level cyclone green energy, this technology not only inherits the five-level cyclone's superb sewage, but also saves about 30% of water consumption than the GB national standard water-saving type. Kohler's toilet products have truly achieved Environmental protection, cleanliness and water saving are integrated into one.

3 Kohler bathroom toilet product design

Kohler bathroom toilet products adopt a noble and gorgeous design style, which completely matches the style of luxury models of world-class five-star hotels, and is one of the first-selected products of many five-star hotels. All Kohler bathroom toilet products are from the hands of world-renowned designers. Every flash of design inspiration contains a wealth of life experience. When you enjoy every moment of Kohler, you are reading the changing and elegant life, feeling the shock and moving from the heart.

4 Honors of Kohler bathroom toilet products

Kohler bathroom toilet products are the best in the sanitary ware industry in China and even the world. Every Kohler bathroom toilet product is designed by a famous designer, designed for elegance, pure creation, it is an attitude of life and a symbol of taste. . Kohler bathroom toilet products have won many international design awards such as IDEA Industrial Design Excellence Award, Reddot and Best Interior Design.

Every product of Kohler Sanitary Ware is manufactured using strict global uniform standards, and adopts the selection standard that fully meets or exceeds the five-star hotel, adding extra luxury to your bathroom, making you feel like being in a five-star hotel. Among them, highlight the extraordinary quality of life. The fine craftsmanship of each Kohler bathroom toilet product is comparable to manual work, and the subtleties are still carved and carved. Through the above introduction about Kohler bathroom toilet products and the quality of Kohler toilets, I believe you have your own true understanding of Kohler bathroom toilet products.

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