1 Foreword Zhan Xuanyuan Pan Wei Teng Jianyong Xu Mingyu (Shanghai University School of Materials 200436) Most of the various types of cars produced by the state are equipped with automatic cigarette lighter. The working condition is when the car is driving at 12.0*0.26V (current) For 7A~8A) heating, 5s~7s heating to 7002 high temperature insulating coating preparation After repeated tests, high temperature insulating coating can be obtained by the following method: high purity aluminum powder is melted in phosphoric acid under heating condition, and then add appropriate amount of high temperature The binder is made into a milky white solution which is non-toxic and odorless and Yingzhou Shanghai Coating 2001.2, and is diluted with high-purity water when used.

3 hot coil heating wire surface insulation coating treatment process (1) heating wire surface cleaning treatment: surface cleaning and decontamination treatment and drying of the heating wire installed in the small iron shell to ensure that the coating can be attached to the sentence Electric wire surface.

(2) Top coating: In a small amount of production, the paint can be evenly applied to the surface of the heating wire with a brush and paint; in mass production, the small iron shell with the heating coil can be evenly arranged on the special template, and then the spray is evenly sprayed on the sprayer. On the surface of the heating wire.

(3) Blowing: Align the surface of the heating wire with a strong air flow to make the coating enter the gap between the heating wires to make it evenly distributed.

(5) Power-on test and refurbishment: The dried coil is energized and heated at a voltage of 8V-10V to observe the heat. When the entire surface of the coil gradually darkens to bright, the coating has been evenly distributed. At this time, the voltage is raised to 12.0±0.26V, and further heating is performed to promote the coating to be firmer, and the entire process is completed. For example, when the coil starts to be energized and heats up, there are some particularly bright hot spots, which means that there is no coating applied here, and the two layers of the heating wire are short-circuited. At this time, the heating should be stopped immediately and the cooling should be performed. Then dial the heating wire between the bright places, apply the paint and blow, dry and re-energize the test. A satisfactory result is usually obtained after a single refurbishment.

4 Performance test and its results (1) Short-term life test: 40 pieces of qualified coils are taken, and continuous heating test is performed at a voltage of 13.0*0.26V. According to the design requirements, after continuous heating for 2 minutes, the coil is still burned to pass. Test results: All 40 samples were qualified. Any of the 5 samples were allowed to be continuously heated to lQmin without burning (at this time the temperature was higher than 1000), which greatly exceeded the design requirements.

(2) Long-term life test: According to the design requirements, the long-term life test condition of the heating coil is: after heating for 15s under the voltage of 12.5*0.2V, the power is cooled for 35s, then heated for 15s and then cooled, so that it does not burn out after more than 10,000 times of repeated work. To be qualified. Take any 5 samples for testing, and its long-term working life is more than 11,000 times, which fully meets the design requirements.

S Conclusion (1) This coating is used for the surface coating of the cigarette lighter heating coil. The coating treatment process is simple and feasible, and there is no “three wastes, pollution”.

(2) The paint is cheap, and each cigarette lighter only needs to spend 0.02 yuan to 0.03 yuan to obtain good insulation effect without adding large equipment.

(3) The coating can be widely applied to the high temperature insulation treatment of the surface of other metal products, and the effects of various products for aluminum and its alloys are better.

(4) As long as the coating treatment process is properly adjusted, the insulation performance can be maintained even when the operating voltage is 250V.

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