The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is in full swing. At present, for many fans, they have to face a painful choice, that is, they do not want to delay their work, but also want to watch the World Cup. Beijing Yashilin specially launched the "watching ball welfare" during the World Cup. The personalized design of the high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test box excluded the user's concern and attracted wide acclaim from the users.

High-low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber control system adopts Japan imported U-Series UMC series 7-inch high-definition true color LCD touch screen display, temperature control using PID+SSR system co-channel coordinated control, automatic calculation function, support computer real-time monitoring, history Curve playback, program editing, remote diagnostics and more. The recently introduced feature allows the machine to be remotely activated from a mobile phone, and when the machine fails, it can receive a fault alarm code indication from the machine.


Get more active throughout your day with CONTUO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter. Stand up and avoid the potential health risks from unhealthy sedentary . Our Standing Desk Converter is designed to save space by moving vertically so that it stays inside its original footprint when adjusting up and down. Unit comes pre-assembled for easy set-up. Simply unpack, attach the tray, and get to work.

Standing Desk

Here we can provide customer Manual Converter Desk and Electric Converter desk,  So, customers can know the details with CONTUO by further discussion with CONTUO People ! Welcome to CONTUO to choose the Height Adjustable Desk you need.

Standing Desk Converter

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