In the offset, screen printing, flexo, gravure and other printing processes, gravure printing in the field, printing in gold and silver, pearl printing quality advantages and the breadth of printing materials has been the industry's unanimous recognition of the packaging printing The new concept of the industry.

On the one hand, gravure printing technology has become more mature. The application of digital laser female technology, no development in benzene oil and water-based oil, the consistency of the hue of the printed product, gave a good foundation for the promotion of gravure printing technology: on the other hand, the exquisite requirements of packaging printing products, many varieties The combination of small batches and various printing processes and the continuous improvement of anti-counterfeiting requirements have accelerated the promotion of sheet-fed gravure printing processes.

Sheet-foil gravure has been widely used in the printing of tobacco and wine packaging. Especially when the printing process and product specifications change, the sheet-foil gravure shows its flexibility.

Compared with the web gravure printing machine, the single-sheet gravure printing machine has the following features:

1. Flexible printing technology can be combined with offset printing, flexo printing, screen printing, etc. Web gravure is subject to slitting accuracy.
2. High printing quality. Accurate printing. Short preparation time for product conversion.
3. Adapt to printing thick paper, especially thick paper printing. Gravure web printing is limited by the thickness of the paper.
4 to adapt to more varieties and more specifications of the printing. Web gravure can only be limited to the circumference of the drum.
5. Just like offset printing, it can print normally only by several test sheets, which can reduce paper loss. It is estimated that the paper consumption per year for a web gravure press is equal to the value of a single gravure machine.
6. Multi-function, with coating, UV decorative ink printing and other functions.

One of the most versatile features of sheetfed gravure presses is the polishing of sheetfed gravure machines, whether solvent-based, water-based, UV-cured, or fully glazed, partially glazed, single-sheeted. Paper gravure presses are competent. Both water-based gloss and UV gloss are highly valued.

Gravure printing Uv decorative ink printing is a breakthrough in the printing process of sheet-fed gravure printing machines. UV decorative ink can be divided into frosted, ice refraction, coral, wrinkles and other several kinds of screen printing UV decorative ink There are also low production speed, high reject rate, poor accuracy, poor consistency of printing products and other issues restrict the screen printing UV The development of decorative inks. The gravure printing process not only solves the insufficiency of screen printing, but also has a particularly strong anti-counterfeiting function that can combine two kinds of effects such as frosting, refraction, and wrinkles together in one printing. The joint is seamless. No printing process can do it.

Sheet-fed gravure printing and sheet-fed offset printing are two different printing processes that should fully take into account the characteristics and requirements of gravure printing. Such as the laser card, glass card surface is bright and very good paper in the paper conveying printing process, to ensure that no trace of scratches. It is necessary to ensure that the prints are evenly dried after high-speed printing and that the coating oil is fully leveled. It is also necessary to ensure that the prints are clear and correctly printed without water ripples, knife lines, etc. Meanwhile, the plate roller squeegee is also taken into consideration. The replacement and maintenance are simple, convenient and environmentally safe.

When a company's products are still hot in the market, they should plan ahead and develop New Products to maintain the sustainable development of the company. Shanghai Ziming Machinery Co., Ltd. based on this concept in the ZMA90 sheet-fed gravure printing machine sold in the national tobacco and alcohol packaging printing market, it has developed a new product ZMA94 high-speed sheetfoil gravure printing machine to stretch the series of gravure. The market for gravure printers meets the needs of different customers.

ZMA94 high-speed sheet-fed gravure printing machine is the leading model of the new concept. The machine has advanced structure, high technical content, and excellent performance. It has got rid of the old model of domestic single-chamfer machine manufacturing following the reform of offset press, but with advanced concepts. To conceive of the overall structure, to draw on a new generation of mature single-cone machines at home and abroad.

Firstly, it succeeded in transplanting the double-diameter cylinder in the embossing and delivery system. In the interior of the delivery double-diameter cylinder, it is equipped with strong wind drying and anti-dusting equipment to make the paper flow smoothly, and the printing speed and stable various types of paper jam do not appear. There is good paper adaptability in case of dirt or scratches.

ZMA94 high-speed sheetfed gravure printing press adopts the hem feeding mechanism and configures a new high-speed Feida. The stable time before the paper feeding is long, and it can be glued and recessed. The overprinting of the printing product is very accurate. At the same time, due to the rapid operation of the machine, gravure ink is transferred from the gravure roll to the paper more fully, and the printing effect is even better.

In the transmission mechanism of the machine, the use of precision double-row tapered bearings and high-precision gears, as well as a reasonable drum arrangement, make the printed surface of the printed product flat with no ink, no bars, and other defects.

Through years of practice. Shanghai Ziming, Beijing Zhenhengli, Shanghai Hairun and other single-claw machine manufacturers have successively developed single-color, two-color, four-color sheet-fed gravure printing machines. The ZMA94 high-speed sheet-fed gravure printing machine introduced by Shanghai Ziming has caused the printing industry a cheer and is very popular among users. The world-famous German and Japanese manufacturers of single-lens machines have also taken notice of this model.

The single concave machine has been widely used in the printing of cigarette packs, wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, and gift boxes. Such as "China" brand cigarettes, "fine Huangshan" tobacco, "Jinliufu" wine, "Olay oil" box and other famous packaging. In particular, the big application of cigarette pack printing industry has promoted the promotion of single concave technology.

With the continuous development of single-concave technology, the cost of plate-making has decreased and the performance of inks has improved. Industry insiders are very confident that the single-concave machine will be used more widely. At present, Shanghai Ziming Company is also continuously exploring and innovating to meet the needs of more users with high performance and high quality products.

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