The following is an introduction to some common test methods:

(1) The neutral salt spray test (NSS test) is the earliest and most widely used accelerated corrosion test method. It uses 5% sodium chloride salt water solution, and the PH value of the solution is adjusted to a neutral range (6-7) as a spray solution. The test temperature is 35 ℃, and the sedimentation rate of salt spray is required to be between 1 and 2ml / 80cm2.h.

(2) Acetic acid salt spray test (ASS test) is developed on the basis of neutral salt spray test. It is to add some glacial acetic acid to the 5% sodium chloride solution, so that the pH value of the solution is reduced to about 3, the solution becomes acidic, and the salt mist formed finally becomes acidic from the neutral salt mist. Its corrosion rate is about 3 times faster than the NSS test.

(3) Copper salt accelerated acetate spray test (CASS test) is a kind of rapid salt spray corrosion test recently developed abroad. The test temperature is 50 ℃. A small amount of copper salt-copper chloride is added to the salt solution to strongly induce corrosion . Its corrosion rate is about 8 times that of the NSS test.

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