Friends who like white flooring, it is recommended to use gray-white flooring. Now many families like to use white flooring, hoping to have a quiet home atmosphere. It is recommended to use a lighter color such as grayish white, which is easy to give a feeling of tranquility, and does not cause the "top-heavy" light color of the wall.

Yellow floors should be matched with green walls. Some families prefer to use a slightly yellow floor. The walls use the "adjacent color" rule to select the green color adjacent to the yellow, which creates a warm atmosphere.

The black-brown floor should be equipped with a pink-toned ivory-colored dark-toned floor with strong appeal and expressiveness. The personality is distinctive. For example, the color of the floor with reddish color gives a strong feeling. If the wall is also colored with strong paint. Brushing will make you look uncomfortable. However, choosing an ivory color with a pink hue will create a sense of unity with the black-brown floor.

Dark brown floors should be paired with smudges. Some heads of households are willing to match white walls with dark brown floors, which makes the floor look dark. If the wall selection is the same as the beige color of the cashmere, the color of the walls and floors will be easier to access and the space will be larger. The style is simple, fresh and elegant.

The color of the ground is matched with the color of the floor to match the color of the furniture, and the floor decoration is a long-term decoration. Under normal circumstances, it will not be replaced frequently, so many factors should be considered when choosing. Among them, the neutral color has always been the mainstream color, but if it is properly matched, the dark and light colors can achieve the desired effect. In general, the following points should be noted:

The lighting conditions of the living room of the living room limit the choice of the color of the floor. The range of rooms with good lighting is large and the depth can be varied. For rooms with low floors and insufficient lighting, pay attention to the choice of floor materials with high brightness and suitable color, and avoid using darker materials as much as possible.

The size and color of the house will affect the visual effect of the person. The warm color is the expansion color and the cool color is the contraction color. Therefore, the floor of a small room should choose a cool color of dark color, or a simple and bright floor, which makes people feel the expansion of the area. If you choose a warm color floor with a strong color, it will make the space appear narrower and increase the feeling of depression. In addition, in the choice of color, should prefer small texture or straight grain effect, avoid large and chaotic patterns.

The choice of floor and the choice of decoration style floor, not only must consider some actual conditions of the room, decoration style is also one of the important factors that must be considered. Different decoration styles, if the floor selection is not appropriate, not only can not play the finishing touch, but also can make your original unified style is destroyed. The following is a brief introduction to the three common decorative styles of the floor to match.

Naturalistic natural materials reflect the texture, pay attention to the simplicity of nature, return to the true feelings, reflect the vicissitudes of nature and the ancient texture, is also a popular practice in naturalism, such as the use of old wood made of rural furniture, compare Close to the earth and nature. In the selection of the floor, you can consider the single piece of strong solid wood, accompanied by large flowers, tree knots and other decorative effects of the floor, the color is mainly solid wood color. Such as maple, pine and other log effects, reflecting a beautiful decoration style.

The characteristics of fashion minimalism are simple, clear and practical. Because the "minimalism" philosophy of life is ubiquitous in today's popular pop culture. The modern minimalist style emphasizes the function supremacy and the form obeys the function. Therefore, in the design, the ceiling, the theme wall and other spaces occupying space, and there is not much practical value can save the province. The style of the furniture is as simple as possible, with straight lines as the mainstay. The selection of the floor can be considered as a single color, the straight lines of the straight lines are neat and tidy or the fashion avant-garde artificial design traces the obvious colors.

European style This style inherits the luxurious, dynamic and changeable visual effects of the Baroque style. It also draws on the beautiful and rhythmic details of the Rococo style, which is favored by the upper class. But the simple European decoration (commonly known as Jane Europe) is more suitable for Chinese people. The decoration requirements of Jane Europe can be as long as there are some symbols of European decoration, and the color and details can be used to set the atmosphere. Such as Roman columns, European doors. In terms of the choice of the floor, the color is full, and the dark and elegant colors can maximize the European style. Such as red sandalwood, Dalbergia, classical oak and other colors.

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