People who love beauty know that there are many foods in our diet that have anti-aging effects. Today we are going to introduce you to honey. Many friends may say that the efficacy of honey has long been known, but Xiaobian wants to say The expired honey or the little remaining honey we can use the following methods to help us achieve the purpose of beauty.

Honey beauty skin care tips 1, honey beauty

Composition: 30 grams of honey, 120 grams of warm water. Usage: Oral, 2-3 times a day, or daily after a face massage. Efficacy: This honey beauty small remedies, can be used to nourish the skin and tender limbs, suitable for dry skin in autumn and winter.

Honey beauty skin care tips 2, honey acne

Composition: honey and warm water usage: first use a sterile cotton swab to lick the honey directly on the acne, the skin is relatively dry, retain about 30 minutes; oily skin about 15-20 minutes; then take 1 spoon of honey dissolved in a bowl Warm water. Gently pat the honey on the face, slowly massage the face for about 10 minutes, let the skin absorb, and finally wash the face with water. During the outer coating, it can be mixed with honey water, 3 times a day, 20-50 grams of honey each time, and the cosmetic effect is better.

Honey beauty skin care tips 3, egg wheat honey treatment acne

Composition: oatmeal, honey, protein amount. Method: Prepare into an ointment. Efficacy: beauty skin care acne. To use: Gently rub face, wash off with hot water after 10 minutes.

Honey beauty skin care tips 4, attacking honey and removing dark spots

Composition: 3 parts of oatmeal, 1 part of rose juice, 3 parts of honey. System of law: mixing. Efficacy: beauty and spotting. Usage: Apply every night, wash off in the morning.

Honey beauty skin care tips 5, royal jelly skin care

Composition: 50 grams of royal jelly, 30 grams of white honey. Method: Mix well and put it in the 0°C layer of the refrigerator for later use. Efficacy: skin care wrinkle, can keep clean and radiant. Usage: Take 0.5g per day and add a little water to the noodles.

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