Abstract : A new type of aliphatic amine TAB was prepared by chemical modification. And epoxy resin, flame retardant, toughening agent, etc. formulated into an epoxy potting material, discussed its formulation and preparation process and performance.

Keywords: potting special epoxy curing agent; flame retardant; toughening agent; epoxy potting compound

Epoxy resin is an excellent thermosetting resin with a wide range of applications. The conversion from a linear oligomer to a bulk structure must be accomplished by a curing agent.

The excellent curing agent can give epoxy resin cured products excellent physical and mechanical properties, adhesive properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation properties, and is thus widely used in various fields of the national economy.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the electronic and electrical industry, epoxy resin is also the most widely used in electrical and electronic fields. In the packaging of electronic components, transformers, current transformers, motors, and so on, the packaged electronic products play a role in supporting and dielectric insulation, and they also function as heat transfer, heat dissipation, moisture resistance, and flame retardancy for the sealed components.

At present, the performance requirements for cured epoxy resins are getting higher and higher. Many potting materials and encapsulants for electrical insulating materials, castings, and electrical components require flexibility and flame retardant properties, while common types of epoxy potting are required. Seals, the epoxy resin cured material has a high elastic modulus, low impact resistance, brittle and easy to produce cracks, does not have flame retardant properties. Therefore, we selected the fat of (2,3 dimethyl) dibutylene triamine (TAB) with four methyl branches for how to change the brittleness of the epoxy potting material and increase the flame retardancy. Group polyamines, they have synthesized a modified amine curing agent, and epoxy resin, reactive flame retardant, toughening agent, diluent, curing promotion prepared as a room temperature curing, with a certain degree of flexibility and resistance Burnable epoxy potting compound.

1 Experimental section

1.1 Raw materials and instruments

1.1.1 Raw materials: (2,3 dimethyl) dibutylene triamine (TAB), Henan Tianze Industrial Co., Ltd.; Acrylonitrile, Daqing Petrochemical; Epoxy resin E-44, Langfang Nuoxin Chemical Limited; brominated epoxy resin EX-40 (Chenguang Chemical Research Institute); small molecule epoxy and reactive diluent (import); curing agent (homemade); accelerator (commercially available), the above raw materials are industrial grade .

1.1.2 Apparatus: Four-necked flask; reflux condenser; electric stirrer; thermometer. NDJ-1 rotary viscometer; Bunsen burner (tube length 100mm, internal diameter 9.5±0.5mm); simple beam impact tester (40kg rammer); LJ 5000A tensile machine, reverser; ZC 36 high resistance meter ; QM Model 102B Q; high voltage test transformer (5kVA), JC 4 dielectric breakdown device (1kVA).

1. 2 Preparation of curing agent

1.2.1 Reaction mechanism

In this experiment, cyanoethylation was carried out by utilizing the active hydrogen on the amine group in the TAB structure to partially alkylate with a small molecule epoxy group for hydroxyalkylation and partial double bond addition with acrylonitrile. (reaction mode omitted)
Hydroxyalkylation and cyanoethylation reduce the toxicity of fatty polyamines, lower the melting point, and improve the color effect. Hydroxyalkylation due to the introduction of hydroxyl group also promote the role of curing, cyanoethylation has reduced the reactivity, so hydroxyalkylation and cyanoethylation have their own advantages and complement each other, in order to achieve low melting point, low toxicity , And there is a comprehensive effect of flexibility.

1.2.2 Preparation process In a four-necked flask, an appropriate amount of (2,3-dimethyl)dibutylenetriamine (TAB) is charged, and the temperature of the water bath is raised to 70-80° C., and a small amount of a small molecule epoxy is added dropwise. , response 1 to 2 hours. The reaction solution was cooled down to 60-70°C, and the metered acrylonitrile was added dropwise. After completion of the dropwise addition, the reaction was continued at a constant temperature and stirred for 1 to 2 hours. The reaction was stopped, and the product was discharged. Its technical indicators are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Specifications of Curing Agents

Normal align=center>Items

Normal align=center> Specifications

Normal align=center> Reference Standard

Normal align=center>Appearance

Normal align=center>Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Normal align=center>Visual inspection

Normal align=center>viscosity, mPa·s ≤

Normal align=center>1000

Normal align=center>Q/HTZ031-2002

Normal align=center>Amine value, mgKOH/g

Normal align=center>400~450

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