Used for high precision measurement of conductivity, salinity, TDS and temperature.
The salinity tester CPC-401CPC-401 also measures pH and ORP.
Two power modes, 9V battery and 12V power adapter, can be used indoors or outdoors.
Large screen LCD display for clearer readings.
Conductance measurements do not affect the measurement of PH.
Ultrapure water or brine can be measured over the full range (6 ranges are automatically changed).
Coefficient K (0.01-19.999 cm-1) or buffer solution correction.
Built-in three conductivity cell constants cover the full range, and three built-in pH electrode characteristic memory modes (CPC).
a Temperature compensation coefficient range: 0 -10% / °C.
Calculate the true impact of salinity and improve the accuracy of the measurement.
Introduced TDS coefficient (0.2-1.0, measurable TDS).
The reference temperature can be changed when measuring conductivity.
Calibration: 1 to 5 points buffer solution is automatically recognized, within the given range, the household can change the value of the buffer solution.
The sample solution (NIST) value is automatically corrected as a function of temperature.
The condition of the electrode film is automatically detected.
The salinity tester CPC-401 accurately measures ORP (accuracy: 0.1 mv).
The temperature is measured automatically or manually.
Can display time and date.
It can measure the electrical conductance of plant roots and leaves (special electrode needs to be purchased).
The internal data store records 950 consecutive or independent data with temperature, time and date.
The measurement results and correction data are saved in the memory.
An integrated RS-232 port that can be connected to a computer or printer.

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