The salt spray test method of military equipment is the basis and basis for the selection of corresponding parts of technical documents such as technical conditions or product standards for military equipment. The salt spray test chamber is used for military equipment exposed to salt spray atmospheric conditions, and is important for determining the durability of coatings and surface treatment layers in the salt spray atmosphere. The test method of military equipment is not suitable for general corrosion test. There is no direct relationship between the salt spray test chamber test and the corrosion of other media.

Test conditions of salt spray test method for military equipment

1. Configuration of salt solution

The salt solution is made of chemically pure sodium chloride and distilled or deionized water with a resistivity of not less than 50,000 Ω · cm. A salt solution with a sodium chloride content of 5 ± 1% is prepared by thoroughly mixing 5 parts of sodium chloride and 95 parts of water.

2. The pH of the salt solution

Each time the salt solution is configured at a temperature of 35 ℃, the pH value of the sprayed collection liquid is 6.5 ~ 7.2. It is allowed to adjust the pH value with diluted chemically pure hydrochloric acid or sodium hydride. To check the pH value, use an acid meter or pH precision test paper.

3. Settlement rate of salt spray

In the effective space of the test, the continuous collection spray time of the crystal collector at any position is at least 16h, and the average hourly concentration is 80cm2 in the horizontal collection area (diameter of 10cm), and the salt spray sedimentation amount is 1-2ml.

4. Test temperature and test time

The temperature in the salt spray test chamber is 35 degrees, and the test sample is subjected to continuous spraying for 48 hours or according to the relevant standards or technical documents, but at least 48 hours.

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