Mistake 1: A run on a treadmill

The warm-up exercise should be done before running on the treadmill. Pressing the legs, squatting down, stretching the muscles, flexing and stretching the joints can increase the temperature of the muscles and make the muscles more flexible and less likely to pull. After starting the treadmill, you should start with “dynamic” warm-up such as walking slowly and jogging, and gradually increase the amount of exercise. This process is usually 10-15 minutes. When you run under a treadmill, you should also gradually slow down to avoid vertigo.

Mistake 2: Long running time

The supply of energy to the body during running is from sugar to fat to protein. Jogging for more than half an hour will consume fat, and over 1 hour will consume protein.

Therefore, if it is for weight loss purposes, the time for exercise should neither be too short nor too long.

Mistake 3: Holding the handle running

Running is not only the movement of the legs, the coordinated swing of the arms not only maintains the balance of the entire body, but also allows the upper body to participate in the consumption of energy. Some people are running and holding their hands. When the body is leaning forward, it will increase the pressure on the lumbar spine. If it takes a long time, it will cause strain on the lumbar muscles. In addition, during the running, the impact force when the foot falls is almost 5 times of the body weight, and the forward leaning of the center of gravity will bring more impact to the joints of the leg and the foot.

Therefore, when exercising on a treadmill, be sure to abdomen and chest, tighten the lower back muscles.

Mistake 4: The higher the slope, the better

Increasing the slope and speed of the treadmill will increase exercise intensity, and the choice of exercise intensity will vary from person to person. For example, when the middle-aged and elderly people are running at too high a slope, it will increase the damage to the knee joint. Therefore, it is best to exercise in a horizontal state. The speed is not as fast as possible. In different types of exercise such as running, jogging, brisk walking, and climbing, the proportion of energy consumed by the body is different. For example, running can consume more sugar, but less fat is consumed. Simply using this method is not good for athletes who aim for weight loss.

Mistake 5: No shoes or wrong shoes

Some people run barefoot or wear socks when using a treadmill at home. In fact, when barefoot is running, the vibration of the treadmill will cause unnecessary injuries to the knees, shins and other joints, and the soles sweat will slip easily.

Wearing double thick socks can play a certain shock absorption effect, but after all, socks do not have the elasticity of sports soles, which can't replace sports shoes. Therefore, it is better to wear running shoes on a treadmill.

Mistake 6: Watching TV While Running

Watching TV while running may distract you. A little carelessness can cause injuries, especially those who are unfamiliar with treadmill operation and exercise intensity. Those skilled in jogging can choose some rhythmic or relaxed music.

Mistake 7: The treadmill is only used for running

The versatility of treadmills has made it more than just a running belt. Rowing machines, pushers, bicycles, and other "additional" items allow people to exercise on the same device on multiple sites such as cardiopulmonary function, upper and lower extremity muscles, and back and back muscles. In addition, training with dumbbells on the treadmill can train more muscle groups. But it needs to be reminded that this type of exercise is best conducted under the guidance of a professional fitness instructor.

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