Laboratory electronic balances are precision instruments. Customers often complain about this or that kind of problems. Generally, professional personnel are required to repair the problems. Can our customers solve them by themselves? The common problems of electronic balances are turned on. After no display at all, the following gives you a detailed introduction to the causes of 7 common phenomena without display:

1. Opening problem_ No display after opening

(1) The environment where the balance is placed is too poor to improve the environment;

(2) After setting the parameters in the balance menu is not good, use the "RESET" function to correctly exit the menu and return to the factory settings;

(3) The body temperature with hands in the weighing room should be minimized as a human factor

(4) The temperature of the object to be weighed does not reach the isothermal temperature of the balance. Place the sample next to the balance to be isothermal.

(5) The sample has the characteristics of water absorption, water discharge, static electricity, magnetism, etc. Refer to "Mettler-Toledo Balances Weighing Correctly / Electronic Analysis Balances to overcome the above-mentioned effects in order to weigh and use microbalances correctly"

2. Opening problem _ No display after opening:

(1) The environment in which the balance is placed is too bad: Environmental factors include: vibration, airflow, temperature, external magnetic field. The above environment must be improved. The windshield of the weighing room must be closed for the balance to work properly.

(2) The parameter setting in the balance menu is not good: After being transferred to the menu, use the "RESET" function to correctly exit the menu and return to the factory settings;

3. Opening problem_ No display after opening:

1. The water absorption and discharge of the desiccant form airflows in different directions, causing changes in air buoyancy, resulting in unstable weighing. The desiccant in the weighing chamber should be removed to maintain a stable weighing environment;

4. Opening problem_No display after opening:

(1) Without weighing pan: After power off, install the correct weighing pan first, then turn on the balance;

(2) Incorrect weighing: use the correct weighing in accordance with the balance

(3) The collision between the weighing pan and the draft shield: due to improper installation, please find out the cause of the collision and re-install correctly.

5. Opening problem_ No display after opening:

(1) No 220V current on the power socket is connected to the AC power base;

(2) AC adapter error, choose 220V ~ AC adapter (external transformer) suitable for China's work; AB-S / A8-1.4v ~ 50 / 60HZ6VA; PB-S / A9.5-20VDC6W; AB / PB / GB9. 5-14.5V50 / 60HZ1.5VA;

(3) The AC adapter burned out, replace the AC adapter;

6. Opening problem_ No display after opening

(1) Loss of calibration data, recalibrate the balance;

(2) The impact of instantaneous interference;

7. Opening problem_ No display after opening:

Use internal school balance, AB-S / A, PB-S / A; use external school balance, AB / PB / GB / SB;

(1) The balance environment is too bad. The windshield windows are not closed. Improve the balance environment. Close all windshield windows.

(2) Calibration characteristics: After the AB-S / A balance is warmed up for 1 hour, the first automatic calibration is done; the second environment is after the balance is turned on for 2 hours; then the balance remains powered on for 150 hours, and the automatic calibration on time If required, calibration can be triggered manually (internal calibration) at any time.

(3) Calibration error: AB / PB / GB / SB used wrong external weights for external calibration. When entering the external calibration procedure, the balance will show a flashing weight value, and use this value for external calibration. (4) "CALL" appears on the upper right of the AB-S / APB-S / A balance display: when "CALL" appears on the display, the display makes the balance work inaccurate now and internal calibration is required. "CALL" will disappear automatically after finishing the internal calibration.

We must consider the accuracy level when purchasing and using electronic balances. Requirements for the range of symmetrical weights: In addition to looking at the accuracy of the electronic balance, you should also see whether the maximum weighing meets the needs of the measuring range. Usually the maximum load plus a small insurance factor is sufficient, that is, the common load can be relaxed, and the larger the better.

The following is a picture of the European Redwell electronic balance

Causes and solutions to the failure of the electronic balance to display

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