Mention that the skin is hydrating and moisturizing. I believe that there are not a few skin care people who don't know how to do it. But what are the inherent moisturizing tips that we really use? How to replenish the skin, how to make up the water to really achieve the moisturizing effect? Do you think of the water retention while moisturizing?

1, hydrating is moisturizing, moisturizing is hydrating

Experts say: NO

Hydration is the water needed to directly replenish skin cells; water retention is to prevent water loss in skin cells. If the moisturizing system is not sound enough, make up more water, or it will be short of water.

Look at the expert's analysis, you know - hydration does not necessarily moisturize, so it will not achieve the effect of "water retention." The skin naturally does not resist the dry winter wind, and it will not reach the effect of the skin and the tenderness that people want. Therefore, is it prepared to have a bottle of refreshing moisturizing nutrient water, which is a secret recipe for moisturizing and moisturizing .

2, make-up will make the skin dry and dehydrated, remove the makeup will be fine

Experts say: NO

The current era is already the era of makeup with “skin care and makeup”, so some skin care products can replenish water when creating a beautiful makeup. For example, the first tea oil crystal clear liquid foundation, the first tea oil essence has no makeup base, in the beauty, while moisturizing and even replenishing the water nutrients needed by the skin. But not all make-ups have this moisturizing effect, especially after makeup removal. Under the action of makeup remover, in fact, the skin is easier to dry, and more water should be added at this time.

3, more effective hydration should use a completely oil-free skin care products

Experts say: NO

Any skin hydrating requires a proper amount of oil to lock in moisture. Especially for the dry skin that lacks water and lacks oil, only the oil can be replenished first, and then the water can be replenished to achieve a good hydrating effect. Therefore, judging whether the hydration is effective or not depends on whether the cause of the real water shortage has been found, so as to hydrate and lock the water in a targeted manner.

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