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The anaerobic stable anaerobic incubator has both anaerobic operation functions. The anaerobic state stability includes: 1. The anaerobic incubator has good air tightness, so that the operating chamber is in a stable anaerobic level during operation and maintenance. 2, the operation hole design is reasonable, in order to facilitate the operator's hands in and out of the box, but also reduce the opportunity for outside air to enter the anaerobic cavity, to ensure that the hand is out of the box when the body cavity is stable anaerobic level; 3, transmission The cabin design is reasonable, which facilitates the rapid entry and exit of the sample into and out of the tank, and also reduces the chance of outside air entering the anaerobic cavity, ensuring a stable anaerobic level of the chamber cavity during sample transfer. The high-performance material (strong anti-aging ability) anaerobic incubator can reduce the risk of aging, cracking and leakage of the outer wall, and ensure anaerobic stability under normal conditions. The quick and convenient operation of the operating hole and the transmission chamber design and the positive pressure of the lumen are scientific designs that reduce the chance of outside air infiltrating into the lumen during hand-in and out-sample transfer.

This factor should be considered as an indicator. Stable temperature conditions The cultivation of anaerobic bacteria should be carried out in a stable temperature environment. The temperature stability of the anaerobic incubator directly affects the reliability of the culture results. The temperature system of the inner cavity is realized by gas convection, and the good inner cavity convection design is the key technology for temperature stability. Stable humidity state Anaerobic bacteria culture should be carried out in a moderately stable humidity environment. Excessive or too low humidity environment may cause the occurrence of bacterial atypical biological traits, directly affecting the judgment of the identification results. In addition, since the anaerobic incubator is a closed inner cavity, a large amount of medium evaporation of water easily causes the generation of condensed water, and on the one hand, the condensed water is a cause of biological contamination, and on the other hand, the bacterial colonies are easily disappeared (flaky Growth), both cause culture failure. Therefore, efficient humidity control should also be the key to humidity stability. Anti-pollution ability Because the anaerobic incubator has the dual functions of operation and culture, the disinfection of the inner cavity is very important for the success of the experiment. The ability to support UV disinfection and disinfection of strong oxidizing disinfectants is essential.

The selection of materials is exquisite, the craftsmanship is exquisite, the quality is good, the price is reasonable. Since the establishment of the company, it has paid great attention to product development, upgrade and update, and constantly introduces intelligent instruments with good operability and stability, which is the principle that Xinzhuang Instruments has always followed. .


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