[Industry News] Looking at the "pan-outdoor" …

In the outdoor industry special report "Review and Reference of American Outdoor Industry Development", we focus on combing the history of American outdoor industry development, summarizing its development path and several driving forces, and exploring several opportunities for the de-----

Protein separation measures

With the rapid development of molecular biology, especially the progress of genetic engineering, more and more protein drugs have been gradually developed and applied to the treatment of diseases. Therefore, it is the fastest and most effective method for separating and purifying the target protei-----

[Imperial recommendation] ARC'TERYX Arc'teryx J…

This archaeopteryx casual outdoor backpack is made of N500p nylon and can accommodate up to 15 inches of computer. The internal thickening treatment can better protect the computer. The external thickened pocket can also accommodate 13-inch tablet. The top opening design It can quickly take out-----

Choose purely Southeast Asian style furniture!

Southeast Asian style furniture, can be called as a work of art, fresh and natural, elegant and comfortable. In the style of furniture, the Southeast Asian style may be known to the public, but it still has its own unique charm. Due to cultural differences, it is often difficult for Chinese to acce-----

Homemade water dispenser playing teaching aids

Homemade water dispenser to play teaching aids Applicable games: doll home game Applicable age: small, medium and large classes Production materials: pink (light, dark) sticky stickers (to cut paper as needed); silver paper a little; beer box two; cooking oil barrel one;-----

Five creative coat racks, new year home, stunning

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] [Chinese wardrobe net ] Small-sized space should use the wood color coat rack, close to the color of the floor and furniture, expand the visual effect of the space, and at the same time create a wooden feeling of returning to nature. The five coat racks select-----

How to buy bathroom mirror cabinet products

With the strengthening of modern people's awareness of decoration, bathroom products are not only practical, but also whether the products are beautiful. Bathroom mirror cabinets have become popular in recent years. However, there are many mirror cabinet products on the market. How do w-----